Narayan Ajmodadi Churan

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Ajmodadi Churan: Your holistic solution for rheumatism, sciatica, and colic. This Ayurvedic blend brings relief from rheumatic pains, promotes respiratory wellness by removing phlegm, and eases acidity. Embrace natural healing for a pain-free, active life.

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175.00 Rs

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Introducing Ajmodadi Churan, a time-tested herbal remedy that stands as a beacon of relief for those grappling with rheumatism, rheumatic pains, sciatica, and colic. This specially curated blend is a testament to the holistic healing principles of Ayurveda, designed to address various discomforts associated with these conditions.

Key Features:

  • Rheumatism Relief : Ajmodadi Churan is crafted to alleviate the discomfort caused by rheumatism, offering relief from the associated pains.
  • –  Sciatica Support : Specifically formulated to provide comfort to individuals dealing with sciatic nerve pain, promoting mobility and well-being.
  • Colic Calm : Experience relief from colic discomfort with the soothing properties of Ajmodadi Churan, making it a trusted remedy for colic-related concerns.
  • Respiratory Wellness: Beyond its musculoskeletal benefits, this herbal blend aids in removing phlegm and contributes to overall respiratory health.
  • Acidity Alleviation: Ajmodadi Churan is known for its effectiveness in managing acidity, providing relief from digestive discomforts associated with excess acid production.
  • Urusul, tuni pratituni vishwachi – Ajmodadi Churan is a testament to the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda, offering a natural and holistic approach to wellness. Prioritize your health with this herbal remedy and rediscover the joy of a pain-free, active lifestyle.


2 reviews for Narayan Ajmodadi Churan

  1. Sonam Gupta (verified owner)

    Great quality ! Very happy with this brand and the fast shipping

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  2. Aditya Sharma (verified owner)

    Great value for the price. high quality and affordable

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